Open aperture for zoning space. Ideas and methods of decorating

In the process of repair it is often necessary to dismantle the door and box. However, to arrange an open doorway (without doors), you need the help of a specialist. So, why do we still need openings? There are several answers to this question:

The advantage of openings without doors

Combining space. In this case, the opening is a successful designer find that helps to combine the living room and the hall, the study and the bedroom, the kitchen and the living room;

Zoning With the help of an open aperture perform zoning of the room. This is true for apartments with a free layout. The main thing is to coordinate large-scale restructuring with the relevant authorities;

Providing the necessary rigidity of the building. In typical apartments, bearing partitions are sometimes installed in inconvenient places. Therefore, the presence of an open doorway due to technical requirements. Owners beat the proportions of the room in order to make a built-in shelving or install a wardrobe.

Finishing the doorway without a door provides many options, it is important to choose the right one that will naturally fit into the room concept. After all, the doorway focuses attention, and emphasizes the boundaries between the rooms. In some cases, on the contrary, levels them.

Ways to decorate doorless openings:

1. Use plastic. The ends are covered with plastic panels. At the corners put plastic corners, the color of which is selected on the basis of interior design.

2. Interior paint. It is applied to the end of the walls. However, this option is suitable for a wide open opening. The disadvantages of decorating with interior paint include the rapid abrasion of corners in the passage area. For this reason they should be strengthened. Corners are glued on the painted surface of the walls or on wallpaper using PVC glue.

3. Expanders box. In another way they are called dobor. They can be presented in the form of wooden platbands or laminated MDF. Do not forget that this method is suitable only for rectangular openings. Therefore, it is best to use telescopic systems, where there is a groove-ridge circuit. This will help prevent the formation of gaps that appear between the additional bar and the trim. The disadvantages of this design can be considered as an unaesthetic appearance. Such an opening is like a simple door frame, but without a door. To get rid of this effect, the color of the material for finishing is selected according to the shade of the walls.

4. Lamps. They are embedded in a pre-installed frame or arch, made of plasterboard. In the case when the wall is made of concrete or brick, the installation process will be facilitated by the decorative finishing of chipboard or MDF.

As for the shape of the opening without doors, it can be any. For a narrow opening, a classic arch with a smooth arch is suitable. A wide opening will decorate the English version, when at the base of the arch make clear corners. Original looks semiarke. However, at will, you can even make an asymmetrical shape. The main thing is to connect the fantasy and not be afraid of fundamental changes.

♦ Installation of plasterboard partitions for redevelopment of premises

♦ Rational economical use of free space

♦ Correct and competent registration of a nursery

If you need to divide the room into a number of functional areas and at the same time do without installing interior doors, then an arched doorway can be an excellent solution in this situation.
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