85% of women make a mistake

Author: Alina Gizatullina

Namely, the wrong choice of bra size. Let's think about why it happens and how not to be mistaken with the choice of bra size.

As you probably know, any bra consists of a cup (in size it is a letter, for example, D) and a belt (in size it is a figure, for example, 70). The absolute majority of women choose an oversized belt with an insufficient cup size. Don't think that it does not concern you - I have worked and continue to work with a large number of women like bra-fitter, and I assure you that I always find that the size is chosen incorrectly. And I have to increase the size of the cup, reducing the size of the belt - and some 85D turn into 60 G. Which, to the great surprise of women and ordinary screams like "I can not breathe in it !!!" sits better than their 85 d. So much better that then they can't wear their old lingeriebecause they do not feel support in it.

Let's compare the model "of behavior»A properly selected bra and an incorrectly chosen bra, so that you can immediately tell if your estimated underwear size works for you or not.

An incorrectly chosen bra in 90% of cases will have an excessively large belt with an excessively small cup. The problem is not obvious at first sight precisely because women They do not think that it is necessary to increase the CUP, NOT THE VOLUME OF THE BELT. In other words, finding out that some 75 C is badly fastened on you, you think that you need 80 C, and not, for example, 75 D or 70 E. And in this lies atomic bomb choose the size of the bra. It happens because not all women are aware of what sisterly sizes are, and also because women are influenced by the stereotype of a large breast. Perhaps later I will write more about this.

So, an overly large belt is not capable of supporting your breasts - because in a properly selected bra, up to 90% of the support should come from the belt, and in your case it is too large, and therefore the bra cannot perform its functions. Do you feel that you lack support and what are you doing? Absolutely right. Tighten the straps. Up to a nightmare. Such that on the back a trapezium is formed.

In this case, everything would be fine, but the bra still holds you badly - but gives tremendous burden on the shoulders (especially if you have a rather big chest). And only aesthetics would have been fine, but the straps tightened to the limit pinch the nerves that are at the shoulder. Often for no reason, does your head ache, does your back get tired, as if you were wearing heavy weights, or your limbs become numb? Think about it. This is one of the manifestations wrong selection of bra - and you do not even realize that it is necessary to be treated not with pills, but to change the method of selecting a bra in a lingerie store.

Bra belt should be parallel to the floor. And if you have the wrong size, no straps will save you - because the bra functions not only at the expense of the straps. If your bra belt is not parallel to the floor, you have the wrong size. Many women on the bra-fitting find that I put the bra lower than they used to wear it - not in the middle of the back, but along the lower ribs.

To discover the truthswipe this test:

In the morning, when you put on your bra, draw a marker line where the bottom of the belt ends at the back. If, when you came home, your bra is still at the level of the morning mark, then the size of your belt (it’s too early to talk about cups) is correct. If bra slides up - no exceptions: its size is not correct. So you discovered the sad (or optimistic?) Truth.

But it's never too late to correct your mistake. You are halfway to the selection of proper linen. Awareness of the problem is valuable in itself. Love you and health!

And what results did your test give you? Waiting for your comments!