Small loft-style apartment by yourself

Good photos on the Internet! And what do odnushki residents do, they also want to live in a luxurious spacious loft? Despite the skeptics, we will prove that a small loft-style apartment is not an absurdity, but a reality. We will also show that the loft's style is perfect when the repair budget is quite small.

Because the interior style is a way of life and atmosphere at home. And not the footage.

Many believe that the loft style is only suitable for apartments, a maximum for a country house, they say, a loft is a huge industrial space, and it is unrealistic to recreate it on 40 square meters, which means there is nothing to write about.

But designers do not agree - and do an excellent job with projects of small-size loft-style. The trouble is that residents of small apartments often have no money for the designer. So, excuse me, dear designers, we will stylize your house under the loft with your own hands.

Loft design - why is it so

The fact is that the loft style is not so much an architectural format as a mood, a lifestyle. It all started with the fact that in the 1940s in New York the land became very expensive, and industrialists had to move their factories and plants away from the big city. And the buildings remained.

The wealthy people completely refused to settle in the empty workshops, but the contingent was simpler, and especially to creative people, the huge premises were quite suitable - inexpensively, and the art studio-house was ready. Because a little tidy up, arrange art objects and a few chairs - and here is a bohemian salon for exhibitions and performances, you can still live. So the loft style ceased to be an architectural indicator and turned into a way of thinking.

And this is the whole loft: it is asceticism, contentment with small, endless creative flight and refusal of luxury (although a chic velvet sofa looks great against the background of old plaster).

Do you understand? For a real loft style, five-meter ceilings are not so important as the spirit of freedom. This is not a brick wall and pipes under the ceiling, but a creative eclectic interior, unthinkable without modern art objects in all its manifestations.

Even designers do not understand this line, but now you know: you need, first of all, a creative interior, and the second is industrial.

What should be the interior of the apartment in the loft style

So, what should be changed during the renovation, so that the mood of the American loft is felt in the apartment?

1. Bring in the plant spirit (crossed out) loft interior

But we will have to start by searching for those very elements of the "abandoned factory". Because if initially industrial premises were turned into residential, then you, the owner of a standard apartment, will have to do the opposite, to make an industrial object out of an apartment.

Here you will need to think: what in your apartment is similar with the view of the plant? It turns out that a whole system of water pipes was once hidden under the drywall, you can find old red brick under the plaster of the bearing walls, and cast iron batteries. So we look under the laminate, we are interested in what is behind the suspended ceiling ... Naked concrete? Elegant - leave! However, it would be better to fill the floors with a special dust-free mixture, but on the concrete ceiling even metal hangers may not need to be removed.

Many such "finds" will be found already in the process of repair. Write down all the observations in a notebook, so that you can use them later when compiling a project yourself.

2. Work with surfaces. Top 3 textures for a loft according to Loggia

Materials and surfaces in the loft interior play a huge role. And if your Khrushchev walls are made of shingles - it does not matter, you can perfectly imitate brick and concrete with the same textured plaster.

Italian manufacturer of decorative coatings Loggia recommends choosing textures that combine luxury and rough industrial processing. It is the loft style that makes it possible to use, for example, a coating “under concrete” on one wall, and Venetian plaster or “under velvet” texture on the other - all in one room! We recommend the following materials.

  • Kymera is a unique coating not just with a rust effect, but a natural oxidized metal, even has magnetic properties.
  • Marmo Romano - allows you to create a deep texture.
  • Diamond - the effect of natural metal.

After all, the task of the loft is to give one room the most different functions (as if the former shop became both a kitchen, and an office, and a living room at the same time), and it’s better to divide functional areas not by partitions, but by different design of the walls and floor. In this sense, decorative plaster, which have become more accessible in recent years, allow the soul to unfold. Brickwork, concrete blocks, loose plaster, noble surfaces of silk or marble - everything can plaster. Is that the wood in the loft is to use natural, even if your master knows how to perfectly imitate wood plaster.

3. Review the layout.

Of course, the classic loft with spacious rooms is far from us, but maybe even in your apartment you can change the layout? Talk to a familiar architect or show an apartment plan on a professional forum - it may very well be that, for example, you can combine a living room with a kitchen or make partitions between rooms made of glass. Here you have the coveted space.

Even if it is impossible to move the walls in your case, one sensation of large space will suffice. The light color of the walls, not too high furniture - there are enough tips on the Internet, even we wrote an article about expanding the space. After thinking about the loft, it's time to think about the storage system, and choose the best hidden.

And there are also windows: you can hardly drastically increase them, but it costs nothing to remove traditional curtains - there will be an order of magnitude more air. If you have to hide from the neighbors, choose concise rolshtor or something like that. But do not even think about changing windows for plastic, kill the style - you can quite tolerably restore and insulate the old wooden ones, and after a successful contrast dyeing they can become a decoration of the interior.

4. Remove excess

Loft does not tolerate piling up extra things. Many attributes of coziness will have to be taken out of the house: present carpets to the neighbors-students, blankets with which every chair was made - to the grandmother, and in order not to offend, ask in return for her antique bookcase.

For comfort and a homely atmosphere in the loft correspond art objects, unusual furniture and attributes of romance.

By the way, for the repair of an apartment in the new style loft - generally salvation. In this case, you can save a lot: the walls are not necessarily plastered, and the floors are perfectly aligned. Ceilings can also be left rough, and even the wiring does not have to be hidden in the walls, saving on their penalty. But in order not to overdo it, choose only one or two surfaces that you leave untouched, the interior should remain residential and welcoming.

5. More style, more creativity!

To independently arrange an apartment in the style of a loft, you need to be really free. Here you can safely combine the Buddha figures and modern painting with an ironic colorful chair, a magnificent crystal chandelier with cheap plastic furniture - the loft calls for mixing styles and eras.

The main thing is not to confuse freedom with bad taste: in order not to miscalculate, be guided by a mixture of industrial style with minimalism, elements of high-tech style and old retro things, furniture from the past and, if possible, with real antiques. And again, without art objects can not do.

To turn a small apartment into a cozy loft, and with your own hands, is a very adventurous task. But look at the photos of finished projects - even a tiny studio can transform into a unique Manhattan dwelling.