Impressive coat patterns from one piece of fabric!

You always want to be beautiful and stylish - in winter, in summer, in spring, and in autumn. And since the end of summer and autumn is about to take over, it’s time to take care of the new coat. We offer you some simple coat options that you can sew in one evening.

How to sew a coat

To do this, we buy the right, favorite fabric. It is better that the fabric was double-sided wool (cashmere, half-woolen), it means beautiful and spectacular look from both the front and the wrong side, because our coat will be unlined.

Without a pattern, we can sew simple styles of a coat, without darts, folds, without a strong fit to the figure - the simplest is a coat of a straight silhouette with single-cut sleeves. The pattern is sketchy, so determine the length of the sleeves and the coat yourself.

For such a coat, we need to know only the girth of the hips and neck, shoulder width, sleeve length and products. The rectangles of the back and the shelves of the coat are equal in width to the half-grip of the hips plus three to five centimeters to fit (as much as you want this freedom, add so much).

To build a one-piece sleeve, we measure the width of the shoulder plus the length of the sleeve from the neck. It is simple to make a stand-up collar; you must take a strip of fabric along the length equal to the neck of the coat and the desired width (height of the stand).

Side stitches stitched on the seam. type, handle and stitch the collar rack, bend the bottom of the sleeves and the bottom of the coat. In order to make a fastener (buttons, buckles), it is necessary to process the sides of the shelves (bend to the wrong side and stitch or tape. You can leave the coat without fasteners, but then from the remnants of the fabric
make a belt.

It is very easy to sew a coat of a cape or a poncho very easily, there is no need for special skills and measures

A cape is a piece of fabric with treated edges, desired length and width. Cape can be rectangular or round, completely without a collar or with a hood - to your taste.

Cape coat

As you can see the coat is extremely simple. The main width should be no less and no more than the length of the arm, and the height can be varied based on the length of the product that you ultimately want to receive.

It should be remembered that the fabric should not be too dense, so that you can throw it over your shoulder.
Also, after cutting the product, it is necessary to completely make the edging of all edges.

We offer you a choice of several patterns that are so simple that they do not require any explanation.

Cape Coat

How will this coat of other fabric look

Similar model with a collar

With stand collar

Long coat

Loved the poncho coat. This coat is almost everything, you can wear with a belt and without.

Poncho Coat Options

Option for a child

Master class: how to sew a poncho coat with your own hands

So, to sew a coat poncho you need:

  • warm scarf or thin blanket;
  • scissors;
  • threads;
  • plate;
  • small;
  • sewing needles;
  • sewing machine;
  • meter;
  • big ruler.

The original material fold in half, as shown in the photo.

Measure with a meter and mark the center of the structure with a small one. Attach a flat plate to the received line in the upper part so that its half is on the fabric. Cut the top of the folded blanket to the plate, circle it with chalk, cut a semicircle.

Insert a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine.

You can use an ordinary overlock. Here everything will depend on the original tissue. Handle the edges of the product.

Bend the edge of the product and chop with sewing needles, then sew it. For this you can use a decorative seam.

Measure and place on the fabric labels of your waist, and the places where you will make a slit under the belt. Make cuts. Handle the edges of the loop on the machine or manually. Do not touch the back.

Your homemade poncho coat is ready. Slip it over yourself, thread the belt through the slits. Ahead the product will be fitted, and the back will remain free. If you want the edges of the poncho at the neck to close, pin the edge with a brooch.

How to sew fashionable light overcoat in one evening

We found the exact same coat as from the fashion boutique on the Internet with a detailed step-by-step story - How to sew a new coat from beginning to end in the evening:

How to sew a coat without a pattern in one hour