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Lifting bed - attic to save space

The standard apartment of the old layout, in which the family lives with children, as a rule, leaves few options for imagination, furniture arrangement and spacious arrangement of all residential areas. After all, the struggle is almost every centimeter of usable area! The French company Espace Loggia offers an interesting solution to the problem of limited space: you can use the ceiling to hide furniture that is not needed now!

Usually the loft bed has a stationary device, a place to sleep is raised to a comfortable height, and under it can be a workplace, a sofa or cabinets. The option proposed by Espace Loggia designers is mobile. The bed can be located in any area of ​​the room, including narrow and literally tiny space. It is mounted on vertical strips attached to the wall. Between these slats can be shelves or cabinets.

The smart system allows you to raise and lower the loft bed with a flick of the wrist, almost without effort. Even a child can cope with this task. Thus, the attic bed takes the place of the mezzanine directly under the ceiling. When it comes time to sleep, the bed, together with the mattress and bedding, is lowered to a certain level above the floor and additionally fixed with retractable legs for reliability and stability.

Under the bed may remain low furniture items, such as cabinets, sofa or chest of drawers. Mobile beds are presented as standard, and can be made to individual order of the consumer. The company has an attic bed for both children and adults, including king size.

Beautiful, stylish and modern solution for small apartments!