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10 amazing ways to beautifully dock laminate and tile. Perfect flooring!

Today laminate is the most relevant and popular flooring, which is used in almost all rooms and rooms. However, it is not very practical and practical to use it in such rooms as a hallway or kitchen. For such rooms the best option would be ceramic tiles. However, the laminate in the kitchen can be used in the dining area, and the rest of the room is tiled. In such cases, there is a combination of tile and laminate: the first is placed in the working area, the second - in the dining area. It seemed to us a great compromise in its practicality.

  1. The joints are straight, but the colors of the tile and laminate are radically different.

2. This technique is great for studio kitchens. Beautiful, functional and rational.

3. A clear outline separates the living room from the kitchen and dining room.

4. The tile around the bath follows the washbasin pattern. Great design solution!

5. Suchfloor repair not without originality, but simple in execution.

6. The perfect combination of colors!

7. Quite spacious room divided into 2 functional areas.

8. Black and white tile in the area near the plate, sink and countertop perfectly in harmony with the fine details of the interior.

9. Tile and floorboard of the same size and shape in combination give an amazing effect. Look, what a smooth transition!

10. The figured joint of laminate and tile looks great. To do something like this, you need the help of a professional.