Twenty-five years all alone he created the underground FABULOUS WORLD

Self-taught sculptor Ra Paulette has been working in the desert cliffs of New Mexico for 25 years now, where he cuts out magical palaces. He finds light sandstone caves that are easily cut, deepens and expands them, creating a system of interconnected vaulted halls. The sculptor covers the walls with exquisite carvings - each cave is in its own style. Ra's titanic work is done entirely by himself; only the faithful dog helps him.

In the caves, he cuts through the windows in the walls and ceilings, and the sun during the day floods the halls with bright rays. Ra calls his mysterious underground palaces “primeval sanctuaries” in which a person, alone with himself, can feel the soul of the world. He creates for his own pleasure and expression. In the meantime, works, arranges in the cave a cozy corner for himself, which has everything you need for life.

Recently, the legendary lonely artist made the film "Cave Digger" (CaveDigger), which was nominated for an Oscar as the best documentary.