She hasn't eaten sugar for 28 years and maybe that's why you can hardly guess her age

Carolyn Hartz from Australia, who boasts an enviable body in a bikini and hasn't eaten sugar for 28 years, reveals the secrets of her perfect physique ... but can you guess her age?

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Grandma 4 grandchildren Carolyn Hartz does not spend hours in the gym and does not absorb vegetable cocktails in liters to get such an enviable body.

In contrast to carefully following healthy trends, the younger generations are fond of, Hartz, who turns 70 in July, says that the formula of a slender body is simple.

“You have to keep track of what you put in your mouth — first of all — and two, you have to move your legs,” she says.

Hartz never used age as an excuse to slow her rhythm of life. Even this year, when the author of the cookery book "Sugar Free Baking" ("Baking without sugar") enters her 8th decade, she decided to start playing tennis again.

Oddly enough, the woman hired the same coach, who at the age of 30 told her that she was too old to play tennis and could never reach class A.

"Then I thought," Yes? Look at me. "I like the challenge," she says about achieving her A-goal at 35. My coach is 80 and we still laugh at that. "

Daily Mail

“When I called my coach, who was now retired, he laughed. He said,“ You can play tennis, but I tell you that your first lesson will last 30 minutes. Do not think that you will play more, because I know your abilities! "

Attempts by Harz confirm the results of a recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Scientists have found that physical activity not only reduces mortality, but playing sports with a racket in hand has reduced the risk of mortality by 47% compared with those who did not exercise. For comparison, lovers of aerobic exercise had a 27% reduction in the risk of mortality.

And although now Hartz has a balanced attitude to health, this does not mean that she did not go to extremes in the past.

Nearly 30 years before Carolyn gave up sugar forever, the pre-diabetic diagnosis then forced 40-year-old Hartz to give up her daily breakfast cheesecake for a whole year, packs of cookies for dinner and all other sweets to start controlling sugar in her blood.

“At the end of that year, I looked like the very example of health and the level of sugar in my blood was excellent. I had no more problems, but at that stage I did not like living in this way because I deprived myself of everything I loved,” says woman.

Therefore, instead of continuing to suffer and hardship, she focused on eating healthy food and carefully enjoying the pleasures without overeating.

"In those days we never talked about mindfulness, but I understood very well what I was eating. And so I had sweets, and I definitely tried them."

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The search for delicious food that you can eat without guilt ultimately led a woman to become an entrepreneur at 55 when she opened SweetLife, a company that distributes a sugar substitute called xylitol.

"I returned to all my favorite recipes, such as lemon cake with butter, jams, sauces, meringues - everything I like, and changed them to be sugar-free," says Carolyn.

When a woman makes cakes at home, she cuts them into pieces and freezes the portions.

"I do not leave them, because the temptation is too great to eat it all." Besides the fact that Hartz remains active and consciously eats, she meditates every day and goes for a walk with her husband for 40 years.

At the same time, Carolyn admits that she turned to a cosmetologist, but this is not her secret of her beautiful appearance. "Yes, I do some supporting things, but the operation is not the cause of well-being," she says.

She sleeps from 7 to 8 hours a day and does charity work for the Brain Cancer Fund. But, according to Hartz, the real secret of her health is optimism.

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In this case, the woman notes that her life does not go without obstacles.

"I have always told my three children that life is not perfect. Everything will not go the way you want, but it is normal. If you face a challenge or failure, stand up. Go again. Because often this universe pushes you in a different direction. I really believe that when one door closes, another opens. "

“I’m not saying that I’m always like that. No, I also have hard times, but the secret is that the glass is half full. Get up and walk again.”