Wedding photographers or how not to shoot a wedding

Wedding is an amazing and long-awaited holiday. Photos that were taken on this amazing day will delight you all your life. However, what a disappointment can be when an inept photographer or wrong angle was chosen. I suggest you see a series of photographs, the likeness of which should not be done at weddings.

Female watermelon is crazy!


Something nauseous beginning ...

Somewhere in a parallel universe

Wait ... locomotive 🙂

Mortal Kombat

A good toastmaster and interesting contests ...


Did you push Desdemona on the night ...

All attention to the left

This is my little frog in a box riding

What a strange reflection of the groom ...

Panochka and Copperfield

Stop. Are they floating on a disassembled sofa ????

I feel childless marriage they will have


When I see these photos, I can not believe it. Does anyone really pay money for IT ?!


This is a continuation of the Dream Works screensaver. The same boy got married with a fishing rod.

Attack clouds!

According to operational data, the dude received 30 thousand for this order. Try to sleep with it.

Koshara pulls the whole picture

Helicopter after the banquet

Does she suck the life out of them?

Julia Roberts turned out :))

B - fun

She is married and you are not!

Just a very small photographer

From under the horse

For the young!