How to creatively arrange pastries and impress guests with their culinary masterpieces!

This post contains the most interesting ideas for baking design (and even some design tips). Choose what you cook this weekend!

1. Openwork biscuits with apples

Roll out the dough and cut it as shown below. Add grated apples and wrap.

2. Button-shaped cookies

The usual plastic bottle cap and tube create crisp buttons.

3. Bunny-shaped cookies

Using scissors, cut balls of dough, as shown in the picture. Ears are ready! And then make a match hare eyes.

4. Puff pastry flowers with jam

In sliced ​​puff pastry circles, put the prunes, tucks and cut, as indicated. Roasting in already boiling oil. Decorate with jam.

5. Rose Pie

Do you still think that the yummy pictured is hard to cook? Just divide the dough into 8 parts, roll it, make butter with jam or honey, turn the rolls and follow the picture.

6. Everyone knows the cake "Zebra"

Who else does not know about this cake, catch the idea! It is necessary to divide 2 types of dough: regular and cocoa. Pour out the dough alternately.
Then gently put it in the oven.

7. Cupcake stand for ice cream

Pour dough into muffin pan. Only not to the end, but by half! Top need to put the same shape. See what you get from this?

8. Black and White Croissants

Roll out the usual dough and chocolate (with cocoa). Put them on one another, cut and fold.

9. Chamomile with jam

Cut the chamomile out of the dough with a mold, put them on the molds for the muffins. After baking, add your favorite jam and decorate the edges with powdered sugar.

10. Star Chocolate Cake

You need 2 dough circles: one with chocolate paste and put the second one on top. Cut and wrap the edges as shown below.