Design and Architecture

Compositional reception

After the summer, our archive with photos is very significantly replenished, we have to clean the memory in the phone, free up space on computers and laptops, scatter everything on hard drives and flash drives. Many, however, are not satisfied with digital photographs and willingly print out particularly good photos to attach to a corkboard, paste it into a diary, insert it into a frame and hang it on a wall or put it on an office table.

And along with photographs, we often bring drawings of street artists, posters, posters, posters, tablets from trips ... Closing a suitcase, we also imagine how we can put all this, what we can combine with, come up with an interesting composition, but opening the suitcase at home, pulling everything out these treasures, even remembering about gigabytes of photos, involuntarily give in reverse: never all this will come together in a single picture, this is how many options you will have to try, let it go for a while ... No, no, don't give up, It hurries to help! Now we will understand how to hang out photos, posters, paintings and everything that has long wanted to get stylish and beautiful.

So, imagine that in "given" we have a certain number of photos, posters, posters. You have already prepared them - bought the framework. At the same time, the frames can be of the same color, but of different thickness, of the same thickness - but from different materials, of different colors - but from the same material ... So, I lost my way. In general, the essence is clear.

It's time to decide on the composition.

There is also a trick called “corner”, they don’t talk about it so much, but they build the compositions in this way. And since we have no secrets from you - we show the "corner".

Much of what has already been mentioned can be repeated if you put pictures on the shelves, but there are other options. In addition, suddenly you want to hang some of the photos, and arrange the rest.

For those who have a large element in the composition (a clock, a wall lamp, a mirror), this is a cheat sheet.

And, of course, a separate case - the stairs. Maybe your enthusiasm will be so great that you decide to make (or improve) a gallery of pictures in a country house. Here, it turns out, also has its own tips. Now you are armed, as they say, to the teeth!

All the choice is made! Now it’s best to arrange a future composition preview. Do not be lazy to spend time on it (since you took up such a thing - therefore, not a timid). Stick sheets of paper of the similar sizes on the wall, hang them a couple of times, call the family, let them express their opinion, take a picture - throw off to your friends, let them take part too. As soon as you understand that you have before your eyes the composition of your dreams, go ahead, finish a couple of dozen nails and meticulous alignment of the corners, and then - endless pride for the work done!

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