Stylish and fashionable! Original ideas, how to skillfully tie a scarf or shawl.

And why many people underestimate the importance of ordinary accessories? Here, for example, not everyone knows how to tie a scarf or a scarf beautifully, and, moreover, they don’t even want to learn ...

It's time to take a different look at this seemingly inconspicuous detail!"With my own hands" invites both women and men to learn to tie scarves and shawls. Take inspiration from a huge number of original ways!

Scarf over clothes

Very often, the everyday look requires bright elements, they allow you to dilute even the most boring image. To do this, you can beautifully tie a scarf on a jacket or jacket. You can simply throw a colorful attribute on the shoulders and tie it with two knots in front. Depending on the density of the fabric of the accessory, this will not only make the image stylish, but also warm in cold weather.

Looks stylishly famous Italian knot. This method is peeped at men, with its help they tie small scarves, like, for example, George Clooney or Antonio Banderas. Fold the scarf in half, and again, until you get a strip. Wrap it around the neck, wind up one end under the other, as if forming a loop. Thread the tips through it and straighten it, you need to fill it under the clothes, leaving only the wide part visible. This style was very popular in the 50s.

It looks like a knot butterfly, but for it you need to use special scarves. It is necessary to have an accessory behind the neck so that two ends protrude from the front. They are twisted and tied together. After that, the harness is fixed with a finger and the handkerchief is twisted around it again.

You can still beautifully tie a scarf on the jacket, closing the neck. To do this, fold the accessory along diagonal lines to form a triangle (if the model is square), or a strip (if rectangular). After turn the accessory and fold it again, but in half, and again in half. It is necessary that there is a strip that can be wrapped around the neck like a necklace. The scarf needs to be twisted around the collar of the jacket, and the loose ends should be gently tied on the side for asymmetry. Release the tips from under the collar and straighten them.

Similarly, you can tie a scarf or shawl around the coat or neck with a bow. Only in this case, wrap the attribute around the collar once, and twist the loose ends simply into the bow. Then get a more romantic image, suitable for a date or walk. By the way, if you tie a bow several times, you will get a knot with a rose.

A stylish American or cowboy knot looks beautiful under a coat or closed dress. This is a very simple option how to close the neck. You need to take a square scarf and fold it diagonally to get an isosceles triangle. We put the sharp end of the figure on the chest, and transfer the tips by the neck. If the length of the accessory allows, then you need to tie a scarf twice around the neck, if not - then only one. Use a simple reversible knot, then tip the tips under a scarf or scarf. This is a great way to hide the neckline, if necessary, or to emphasize the sensuality of the image (with a tandem with a frank dress). Under the open dress you can tie a scarf with a square knot on the neck. This will close the shoulders and emphasize femininity. Note: this knot will need a long accessory that can cover the shoulders. Square scarf fold in half, as in the previous version, but now the sharp end should be behind. Non-uniform dimensions will be used for the tie, one tip will be longer and the other one shorter. At the short end we get a long one and throw it over the top. A loop is formed into which you need to hold a long tip. In this case, a loop can be made in advance at the short end. A square knot should form. Tighten it and straighten to obtain a flat plane. In the same way you can throw a warm wool scarf. He will warm and give the image a drop of comfort, which is so lacking in winter and autumn.

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Surely at least one option you already liked! Be stylish - not as difficult as it seems. Just do not be afraid to bring new details to your image, such as scarves or scarves.