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Portable loft

German designers have proven that the space on the roofs of a building can also be used for housing - the LoftCube compact portable house is quite suitable for this purpose.

LoftCube is a small prefab house, the project of which was developed by designers from the German agency Studio Aisslinger. The floor area is only 39 m².

Thanks to the flexible design and small size, the LoftCube can be installed on completely different surfaces - for example, on the roof of a building or on the beach.

Most of the construction work on assembling the LoftCube can be done in a factory, and then you can take the almost finished house to the right place in the truck or by helicopter. This design allows you to minimize the damage to the environment during the construction of ordinary buildings.

Inside the loft there is a bright, modern interior with bright green details symbolizing the ecology of the building. If desired, the owners can combine several LoftCube cabins to create more spacious housing.

The loft has an open layout, but the interior of the room can be altered to the needs of the owners. A low wooden TV module, which also has shelves for storage, separates the living room area from the bedroom.

The glossy floor in the rooms reflects the natural light from the windows, making the interior seem light and airy.

It takes an average of 5-7 days to build a LoftCube. The developers are confident that, thanks to a simple but at the same time luxurious design, the house can be used for completely different purposes - both for ordinary housing, and, for example, as a bar or lounge on the roof of a hotel or as an unusual terrace in a greenhouse.

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