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The sweet wonder of the world: the Moldavian grandmother nyagre conquers the heart at the very sight.

Grandma nyagre (black grandmother) - a masterpiece of Moldovan cuisine. Prepare these pastries for big holidays (weddings, christenings) and serve them along with grandma alba (white grandmother) from homemade noodles on a wide platter, cut into cubes. Several large portions are baked at once, because Moldovan feasts are a general gathering of numerous relatives, godfathers, friends ... The white and black headstock complement each other, symbolizing the unity of opposites, the beginning of the feminine and masculine.
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28 things you definitely need in the new season

The new season always offers something new and interesting in the field of fashion. It is not necessary to completely update the wardrobe. Get only a few trendy things, and the rest can be searched in your own closet. Here are some trends that will make your image relevant in the upcoming season.
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The master

Practical mats - self-contained interior decoration

Hand-made mats are a special decoration. In addition to the aesthetic component and thoughtful functionality in such products remains a piece of the soul of the skilled workers. Large and small, dense and openwork, thought out to the smallest detail, they perfectly fit into the interior. Ways to create an exclusive weight rug.
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The needlewoman easily and simply makes a large mosaic carpet for the house

A soft large carpet with a beautiful pattern in the living room is an indispensable detail of the interior. With him in the room is cozy and warm, besides, he muffles the sounds. However, to buy a large carpet will have to lay out a round sum of money, but this is only part of the problem. You need to find a picture that fits perfectly into your interior.
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